So hey...! I'm moving to Leeds.

Here’s how that happened

What is Leeds?

“Leeds /ldz/ (About this sound listen)[5] is a city in West Yorkshire, England.” – Wikipedia

“All I remember coming back from the pubs on a late night is my buddies wanting to go for a pasty and there’d inevitably be an older woman with her hat on and a little apron, and she’d be like, ‘Would you care for a pasty love? Or a cuppa? Ta love!’”
Chris Pine
"I've got my life and 'Harry Potter,' where I travel the world, I make films, I meet amazing people, I do press junkets and stuff. And then I go back home to Leeds, where I live, and I've got the same friends from before."
Matthew Lewis
“There are cheap rents if you’re prepared to move up North. I was in Leeds the other day and I asked a girl there how much she paid in rent, she told me an amount so low I couldn’t even understand the figure. I was like, ‘What is that, per minute?’”
Nick Dixon